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Jeff Nelson

Pixar's latest masterpeice.

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Whenever the label Disney or Pixar appears on a movie, it automatically receives hype all over the world. This hype does is not just generated for young children, but for full grown adults as well! These movies are for all ages and everybody should give them a chance.

The plot is original. I have never heard of anything like it. It is interesting and seemed like something Pixar would never come up with. There were very few plot holes, which shows they worked hard on the story. One thing I want to point out in particular are the dogs. They talk through their collars, and it's amazing to think somebody actually came up with something so brilliant.

Watching an animation movie, the voice acting does not come to mind, unless it is really bad. It looks simple enough, but in reality takes a lot of work and time. Pixar and their voice actors do a superb job with this, but this film really topped all others in that regard. The mouths moved perfectly with the voices and I did not catch one mess up throughout the entire film. This just shows once again how Pixar can do miraculous things with animation.

The visuals were incredible! I saw Up in 2D, but 3D was not used to pop out as was done in My Bloody Valentine 3D. It was used to make the quality clearer and come out of the screen just enough to pass as 3D. The visuals were so rich that it looked exactly like real life. The process of making this type of animation can take up years of work, but Pixar pulls it off and always seems to be the master at it.

Overall, this is a great Pixar movie. The characters are lovable and it has a good story, with good character development and comedy suitable for all ages. What more can you ask for when going to the movie theater? Take the kids, take the grandparents, this is something nobody will want to miss. Up is Pixar's latest masterpiece.

My Rating = Four Stars

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