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Jeff Nelson

While it doesn't bring anything new to the table, it's entertaining.

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To be honest, Hollywood has had its major ups and downs recently. Every once in a while, a phenomenal film will emerge. Otherwise, there are a lot of films that are overused but just polished with spectacular visuals and sound mixing. Viewers have to be cautious when thinking about whether to see a movie or not. The trailers for movies may look tremendous but sometimes end up being rather pathetic. I was hoping that Tony Scott would bring an entertaining joyride to the big screen that wouldn't let me down. Scott nailed Man on Fire and I was excited to see what he would do with Unstoppable.

An unmanned train carrying a large load of lethal chemicals speeds out of control. A conductor and engineer do everything in their power to keep it from derailing and killing thousands of people. The plot certainly isn't anything brand new out of Hollywood, but I wasn't excited for this film for an engaging story. I was fully aware going into this that it would be predictable. The trailers are suggesting that the film is filled with tension and action. I recall hearing that there are moments of the movie that will have you at the edge of your seat. I'm going to have to disagree. Character actions and outcomes become so unsurprising that it leads to a small amount of suspense. It's one thing for the story to be foreseen, but something completely different for each endeavor to be easily predicted by the audience. The dialogue ranges from acceptable to cheap. Here's the big question that filmmakers should always ask themselves about their film. What makes it different from other films with a similar theme? In this case, not very much.

The two lead characters are presented by Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. These two actors have been a large hook being used by the studio. Washington is a big name in the industry as he's a good actor. Despite the second-rate dialogue, he manages to pull through. Chris Pine gives a fair performance that doesn't reach Denzel Washington's. The screenplay unquestionably doesn't come to the actor's aid here. Both of these actors have been seen in good roles, but this doesn't showcase their talent in the slightest.

Hollywood surely leaves its marks here. The stunts and the massive train are manipulated very well. There is a variety of good camera shots throughout the film. There are some interesting shots being shown from underneath the train tracks showing the massive train speeding across it. It's scenes such as these where Tony Scott does a great job. His filming style is very particular. This offers a grainy, originally shot on film look that works for the movie. The explosions and destruction caused by the train look absolutely fantastic. While the visuals are all superb, awesome explosions don't substitute for a good movie.

Early reviews claimed Unstoppable to be rather impressive. Once the film was released into theaters, quite a few negative reviews began to surface. I'm somewhere in between. While it doesn't bring anything new to the table, it's entertaining. The acting isn't very good and the entire movie feels like something we've all seen before at one time or another. It's a forgettable experience. It's an okay movie, but isn't anything that will be remembered down the road.

My Rating = Three Stars

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