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Jeff Nelson

This is what amediocre film looks like.

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Almost a year before this movie was released I met the director and the actors at a convention. I got to see a few clips that would not be released online for another month or so and thought it looked interesting. It didn't look like your average werewolf and vampire movie.

The story was cliché, but I did not see this for the story. If you believe every movie has to have a good story, this is not for you. Underworld steals bits from every vampire and werewolf movie you have ever seen.

The acting was average,. Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman were veing the only decent thing to happen to movie. If they were not in it, this movie would be completely lost in this department.

There is only one thing in this movie that is above average, and that is the visuals. They give a beautiful blue tint to every second of the film. It gives us our atmosphere with a dark background and really gibes the screen a nice look. The man who worked on this did his job, but does not mean the rest of the people did.

Overall, it was an all right movie. It is a movie I would rent on Blu-Ray, but never go to see in theaters. If I got to see it for free, I would still see it, but would not pay any money for it. If you really like to see vampires and werewolves fighting, then you are most likely to like this movie. I just thought it was clichéd and not very interesting. This is what a mediocre film looks like.

My Rating = Three Stars

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