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The Unborn


Jeff Nelson

The Unborn is a superficial and forgettable film that isn't worth your time.

The Unborn
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When a lot of the same type of films are made, they begin to seem almost alike. Every PG-13 ghost film is following the exact same formula, which seems to be stolen from The Ring. The same child ghost haunting and similar plot points.

Casey turns to a spiritual adviser when she's tortured by frightening dreams at night and the ghost of young boy during the day. Together, the two uncover and try to stop a powerful family curse dating back to the Nazi era. The plot begins alright but evolves into the ridiculous. The screenplay is the same as every other PG-13 horror flick and is what has been made fun of nonstop about horror movies. Casey is babysitting and hears a strange noise from upstairs and walks up the dark staircase extremely slowly. This kind of action isn't anything a person would do. The dialogue is just as bad as the situations. However, Casey's best friend offers a couple chuckle-worthy lines.

Let's face it, the biggest reason a majority of guys who saw this went for the same reason. That one reason is Odette Yustman. She performs as Casey and is beautiful and young. It's a shame she couldn't give the same performance that was given in Cloverfield. There are a few cameos, as well. It's not entirely the actors' fault when the dialogue they're given is terrible to begin with. This film has solid cast, but they don't get the opportunity to show their talent.

Another PG-13 horror cliche is what's known as the "music sting". This is when something pops out "unexpectedly" and music gets really loud for that one second. As irritating as this can get, this film pulls off a few decent ones. Although, many of them are ripped-off from the classic horror flicks that began these scare tactics. The lighting and cinematography are both awesome and will give the viewer all the tension that this film can squeeze out.

This doesn't work as a horror flick. The child used isn't scary in any stretch of the word. It's predictable and starts alright, but gets quite irritating as it continues. All of the blame for this being a bad movie is on the screenplay. The Unborn is a superficial and forgettable film that isn't worth your time.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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