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Up in the Air


Jeff Nelson

...it doesn't fully live up to what most critics claimed it to be

Up in the Air
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There were quite a few great films at the Oscars for the year 2009. Including the fact that George Clooney is this film would make one believe it would be fantastic, but does it hold to the same caliber of his older films?

Ryan Bingham racks up miles flying around the country firing employees on behalf of companies. Soon, he faces losing the job he savors to a recent college grad, Natalie Keener. He soon gains a connection with a woman named Alex Goran, but might change his outlook on the future. The idea is interesting, but is a very tough subject to approach given today's economy. The writing is OK, but the comedy is hit and miss.

George Clooney is truly a terrific actor and that holds through Up in the Air. Natalie Keener stands with Clooney and performs extremely well and delivers her lines perfectly. Vera Farmiga also does a great job. Surprisingly, Keener's character is the most interesting and gives the film most of its comedy. It'd be nicer to of involved her even further in the film.

The direction and camera shots are well thought out. This film takes it a step farther than a majority of dramas and comedies do. The film maintains the same grayish tone throughout.

Since Up in the Air got five oscar nominees, it got a lot of hype. However, it doesn't fully live up to what most critics claimed it to be. It's a decent film worth seeing once, but definitely doesn't stand up to some of the other nominees for 'Best Picture'. The acting is great, but the film drags and slowly loses its steam half-way through. Up in the Air is worth a rental, but isn't anything to rush to purchase.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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