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Jeff Nelson

Two scientists chase tornadoes to record and study them...

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We've seen every type of natural disaster in films. Rather it be centered around it or it's just a compilation of natural disasters packed into one film. However, the plot usually centers around the characters running away from these disaster. In Twister, they're running towards them.

Two scientists chase tornadoes to record and study them. Taking a backseat to the storms are subplots concerning a failing marriage, childhood trauma, and corporate ethics. I don't even need to tell you that this film doesn't have a good story, you can figure it out by the synopsis. The ending is extremely predictable. There are parts of the film that simply don't make sense. Our lead scientist's father died from being sucked into a tornado and it traumatized her. Yet, she spends her entire life to chasing them. The two scientists somehow survive without a scratch when they are sitting directly under a tornado. Instances such as these are too unrealistic to watch without being irritated. There are a lot of instances this film attempts to be humorous, but it doesn't flow. Once the film has halted the mediocre plot, there's fun to be had.

If there's one thing I would expect out of this is good acting. Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, and Philip Seymour Hoffman all star in this flick. All of them are excellent, with the exception of the unsatisfactory performance from Jami Gertz. Bill Paxton is always a pleasure to watch on screen. Helen Hunt is great and makes the audience feel a lot for her character.

One of the biggest reasons this film got so much recognition is because of the sound mixing and visuals. Even though the tornado FX are obviously dated, they still look pretty damn good. The sound mixing is incredible and it's easy to hear dialogue even through all the chaos on screen. I highly doubt that anyone originally saw this film for the story line to begin with, but rather to watch destruction.

If you're looking for a captivating and unpredictable film, this isn't it. The tornadoes are entertaining and the destruction is awesome. Just beware of the love story underneath it all. Twister certainly has its moments where it's an undeniably fun ride, but the subplots are unnecessary and only hurt the film as a whole.

My Rating = Three Stars

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