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The Ugly Truth


Jeff Nelson

Recommended only as a rental.

The Ugly Truth]
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Ever since The 40-Year-Old Virgin was released, othjer movies have been trying to upgrade it. Each such movie gets a lot of hype and a lot of money. Most of the same actors and actresses are used, and the blonde woman from Knocked Up is in The Ugly Truth, which is another addition to this series.

In romance comedies, story lines are not the top of what is expected. Most stories are cheesy, cliché, and slightly boring. The Ugly Truth does not go completely away from the trend. There is nothing provided in the story that the audience has not seen before.

When somebody goes to see a romantic comedy, people expect mediocre acting, but this one has its moments. Most of the film's acting is mediocre, but there are moments that the actors and actresses did a great job. The major points in the movie are when the two leads are to interact. If they are by themselves or with someone else, it seems plain and cheesy. There is nothing much to see in the acting in The Ugly Truth. Every visual that is used is obviously fake. When the leads were on a hot air balloon, it is obviously that a green screen used behind them and looked pathetic. This movie is not a low budget film, so they could have had either good looking CGI or the real deal. Just about nothing is real in the running time of the movie.

Neverthelessl, The Ugly Truth is interesting. Not much is new or original, but it is funny. This movie is not for children in any way, but there is no adult or older teenager who will not laugh throughout this movie. The movie's comedy is entirely sexual humor and if that is offendsive to people they should not see it. It is not worth seeing in the theater, wait for it to hit DVD and Blu-Ray and give it a rent. Recommended only as a rental.

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My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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