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The Uninvited


Jeff Nelson

...a decent thriller with a brilliant ending.

The Uninvited
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As the years roll by and the money is spent to see films, concepts and conclusions begin to get old. This is why boredom starts to kick in and it is never a good thing. Almost every thriller movie I have seen in the recent past has been done before. The Uninvited tries to frighten audiences psychologically, not physically.

The story is about a girl, named Anna, who is in a mental hospital for attempting suicide after her mother's death. She comes back home to her father, sister, and her dad's new girlfriend. Everything seems fine and wonderful since she is finally home, but her father's new girlfriend is suspicious and is suspected of killing the mother. Anna must find out her secret before she is the next on the new girlfriend's list. This is a remake of a movie called A Tale of Two Sisters and has a similar story but with many different plot points and major events. The story does not venture into unknown territory for me, but is still able to capture the plot onto film well.

Many people who have seen this movie has been surprised by the acting. The two strongest performances are Emily Browning as Anna and Elizabeth Banks as Rachel Summers, the new creepy girlfriend. The two ladies interact a lot throughout the film and they do it wonderfully. Neither of them over acts or over dramatizes the lines, which makes the movie have a sense of realism. The acting is descent and is a nice surprise.

The visuals should be obviously good since the film had a big budget. It was not the props or anything on set that gives the film the visuals it captured. The real focus in this film are the magnificent camera angles. The atmosphere is captured extremely well . Each shot used in this movie is a piece of art in itself. The visuals are fantastic.

The Uninvited is a surprisingly strong movie. It may be PG-13, but it is able to effectively send shivers down the audience's spines. The scares are not too effective, but that is not the point of this movie. It is trying to set up for what is to come. The ending is unsuspected and is one of the most surprising endings I have seen in a while. This is a movie that can be seen many times and still have the same effect. The Uninvited is recommended to those who want to enjoy a decent thriller with a brilliant ending.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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