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The Town


Jeff Nelson

The Town is a fantastic movie and proves that Ben Affleck is more than just an actor.

The Town
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Different actors in the film industry sometimes attempt to be directors when it's not their skill. This doesn't always turn out so well since the director's chair isn't for everyone. The Town is starring, co-written, and directed by the actor Ben Affleck. Luckily, the directors chair and the writer's desk fits him just as well as acting.

Career bank robber Doug and his volatile partner, Jim, hit a roadblock when Doug falls for bank manager Claire, whom he kidnapped during their last heist. An FBI agent is tracking the thieves down around Charlestown. The plot is quite interesting and is something that's a great twist on the crime/drama genre. The screenplay is well-written and grabs the viewer and doesn't let them go until the credits. The characters are all given a depth that allows the audience to truly get a feel for the characters on screen.

A movie directed and co-written by Ben Affleck isn't going to have a bad cast. It stars Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Blake Lively, and Ben Affleck himself. It's important to portray these interesting characters with a talented cast. None of these actors fail to impress. Rebecca Hall gives a very impressive and convincing performance as Claire Keesey. Jeremy Renner is astounding as James Coughlin. Blake Lively is surprisingly phenomenal in her role. Ben Affleck has great chemistry on screen with each individual actor and definitely brings his screenplay to life.

There is no question that the entire film is shot very well. The heists are pulled off well and the camera moves just fast enough to allow the viewer to be able to see everything that's going on. Whenever this film dwells upon bank robberies, shootings, and other crimes, it captures the action with excellent camera work.

From how I've described The Town so far, it sounds as if there's nothing but positive things to say about it. Although, the film has spots where it can get a tad slow. Other than that, it's definitely well-made. The Town is a fantastic movie and proves that Ben Affleck is more than just an actor.

My Rating = Four Stars

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