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The Three Stooges


Jeff Nelson

Fans and young children will have a good time with this, but other moviegoers won't be as lenient with the repetitive slapstick comedy.

The Three Stooges
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The Stooges have created a name for themselves many years ago. The antics of the trio have generated a large number of fans. However, I never was one of them. I simply never found any of the eye poking or the portions with them hitting each other funny. With The Three Stooges being released into theaters, filmmakers Peter and Bobby Farrelly are attempting to modernize the Stooges for a new generation. I find this to be a bit difficult, but fans are sure to return to this no matter what. Many young audiences may not even know who they are and this is a complete new venture for them. When the trailers were being released onto television, watching those was quite painful. I attended an advanced screening at which I hoped it wouldn't be as excruciating as I thought it would be. Fans will be glad to know that the film has given us the comedy that the Stooges had years ago, hair pulling and all.

Beginning with their childhood in an orphanage, the film takes Larry, Moe, and Curly through their adult years. They stumble upon a murder plot and starring in a reality TV show. The feature is divided up into three episodes in order to mimic the classic shorts. If we're looking at the plot alone, it has been recycled many times throughout many different movies. I was never a fan of the original series, so the characters were quite annoying from the moment the movie started until the credits started rolling. The eye poking, hair pulling, and hitting gets repetitive and stale extremely fast. I didn't find myself laughing even once during any of these parts. The first two episodes range from acceptable to being horrible. I tried to remain as open minded as possible. The third episode is surprisingly the strongest segment of the movie. I actually found myself laughing during this "episode." However, the Stooges weren't what made it funny. The supporting cast is actually what made the third segment humorous. The ending is very tacky, as expected, but there are enough laughs along the way to make up for that. We're provided with some great moments from Sofía Vergara. Even the Jersey Shore makes an appearance here. I despise that reality garbage, but they're able to poke a lot of fun at themselves in The Three Stooges, which I found admirable and funny. I suppose a fan of the Stooges will find a lot more to appreciate here than I did, but the third portion of the picture made the movie worth it. Fans and children should find themselves very amused by this though.

Fans of the Stooges I'm sure are very picky as to who can play the triad of characters. I personally am satisfied as long as they have the look and they make sense in the role. Chris Diamantopoulos is Moe, Sean Hayes is Larry, and Will Sasso is Curly. All three of these actors do a fine job with the characters. No, they aren't fantastic performances, but what do you expect? I'm taking it in context of the source material and these actors manage just fine. Jane Lynch, Sofía Vergara, and Jennifer Hudson are in supporting roles as Mother Superior, Lydia, and Sister Rosemary, respectively. Unfortunately. Lynch and Hudson feel very much like missed opportunities. Lynch would have been the source of a lot of laughs, but she's barely in the movie. Hudson has shown her acting chops before, which are great, and appears in the movie even less than Lynch. It's a bit of a shame. However, Sofía Vergara delivers the funniest contribution to the motion picture. She's in the entire movie, but she's able to really shine in the third segment.

In the end, I'm glad to report that The Three Stooges is less painful than I imagined it would be. It isn't even close to being a masterpiece, but it's watchable. The funniest thing about the film is the supporting cast, and I'm primarily speaking about Sofía Vergara. To be fair, I'm not the target audience. I'm not a fan of the original series and I'm not a child. These two audiences are what the film has been made for. I have a strong feeling that this will be popular among fans of the original segments and young children. For the rest of us, the comedy is stale for a majority of the movie and I can't imagine many people being too forgiving about this. The Three Stooges isn't as bad as the trailers appeared, but it isn't good. Fans and young children will have a good time with this, but other moviegoers won't be as lenient with the repetitive slapstick comedy.

My Rating = Two Stars

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