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The Tracey Fragments


Jeff Nelson

...sadder and more disturbing than most...

The Tracey Fragments
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The past few years, Ellen Page has been climbing up the ladder of success. She has been in films such as Hard Candy and Juno int lead roles. She has also been in a film called The Tracey Fragments.

The Tracey Fragments is about a girl, played by Ellen Page, who is mentally disturbed. She rides the bus all night to relax and blames herself for her younger brother going missing and possibly dead. Her parents treat her as a ghost and she is slowly breaking down emotionally and mentally. It is a sad story that will make anybody depressed throughout the entire running time of the film. It is very hard movie to watch at times from how depressing it gets. The story is nothing new as there are a lot of other films like this, but it is sadder and more disturbing than most.

The acting of Ellen Page was flawless. She gives a believable performance as to how any teenager might handle the situations. I am becoming very fond of Ellen Page for her acting skills and the effort she puts into every role she is in. I will remember Ellen Page's name as movies continue to be released with her in them.

This is not a mainstream film. I was surprised to hear Ellen page was doing a low-budget indie film. The visuals are obviously not an important part of this movie. The photography was fairly good. The editing was mediocre. Each scene was shown from many different angles at the same time. The screen is cut up into squares showing all different angles of what is going on. It is a smart idea, but overwhelms the mind and makes it hard to pay attention at times. A lot of the scene cuts are choppy and sloppy looking. However, overall, the movie looks fine and the photography looks good.

All in all, The Tracey Fragments is a decent movie. It has amazing acting from the lead actress. It has disturbing moments which can not be ignored. This is not a movie for everybody and has received mixed reviews. I recommend it as a rental to get your own opinion before considering a purchase.

My Rating = Three and One Half  Stars

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