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The Strangers


Jeff Nelson

...highly recommended to anybody who likes any kind of thriller or horror.

The Strangers
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This movie started out on the down-low until it hit theaters. Not many even knew about it, until everyone started to talk about it. It is styled to be like an old horror movie and most people liked it. Reviews and conversations discussed being scared, entertained, and and that they got their money worth. These are all true about this fantastic horror/thriller.

The story is very simple. Before the movie begins, the screen reads, "Based On True Events" and I wanted to read about it. They were known as the "Cabin 28 Murders" and I did not follow it all. There were only very small similarities between the real murders and what is in the movie. Although the story is simple, that does not mean that it isn't well done. This movie delivers the story very well with some great pacing.

There are two big names in this movie. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman and who surprisingly did a decent job. Horror does not usually see big-time actors like these playing roles such as these. Still, for some reason, the real stars were the three actors to play the strangers. They gave emotions and great performances while barely talking. This is real talent . Making it realistic without talking.

Visuals have been important to horror ever since the dawn of the genre. This movie does not need many effects since it is a very practical movie and is trying to scare you, not gross you out. Everything looks and sounds very realistic, as if it could happen to you. Being realistic was the most important thing avout this movie.

Overall, it is one of the better horror movies of 2008. It takes us back to the old days of horror. There is no blood or limbs being thrown around, but they still want you to jump and scream. This movie was very successful with everything they attempted. The jump-scares will be sure to scare everybody. The atmosphere is captured perfectly. The only lighting in the whole movie is an orange dimmed light from the lamps and street lights. This movie comes highly recommended to anybody who likes any kind of thriller or horror.

My Rating = Four Stars

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