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The Scorpion King


Jeff Nelson

...definitely a "popcorn" movie...

The Scorpion King
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Everybody in the world knows about The Mummy trilogy, but now there is a prequel to thay series. A lot of people with whom I discussed the movie were excited to see what the writers could come up with. I too was interested to see what happened to the enemy from The Mummy Returns. As I said, The Scorpion King is a prequel. It is following the "actual" Scorpion King as he is hired to kill the enemies. He meets a woman he's fallen for. The enemy wants her. So, he must protect her and still kill the enemies without getting killed himself. The story is cliché and cheesy. There are a lot of parts in the film that are not supposed to be hilarious, but are. In fact, I found myself laughing throughout this movie.

The big star of this movie is The Rock who plays the Scorpion King. He gives a mediocre performance making the character seem fake and making him a very humdrum type of assassin. I am generally unimpressed by The Rock, but especially in this movie.

If there is one thing I really enjoy in this film, it is the visuals. It captured the atmosphere of the time period perfectly. Everything from the structures to the costumes, this movie captures extremely well.

The Scorpion King is nothing but a "popcorn" flick. It is fun to watch to kill time with a few friends for a few laughs and fun. It is recommended as a rental, but don't go in with high expectations, just turn off your mind and enjoy.

My Rating = Two and One Half  Stars

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