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Toy Story 2


Jeff Nelson

the original and this sequel should be seen one after the other, since they go hand in hand as if they were one long flick

Toy Story 2
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Most movie production companies milk their films. It doesn't matter how many sequels are made or how high is the quality of the films, as long as they're making profits. Pixar is known to be one of the few companies to be an exception. Toy Story 2 is of the same high quality as the original and even has some components that make this sequel better than the first.

An obsessive collector kidnaps Woody, and it's up to Buzz and the gang to save their pal before it's too late. It's a delight to see that there's completely new material being used for the sequel and no ideas are being recycled, other than some of the characters themselves. The screenplay is just as smart and witty as the original's. The humor changed a bit, but in a good way.

Tim Allen and Tom Hanks reprise their original roles along with newer voices, such as Joan Cusack. The voice work is, once again, flawless. The voices are chosen with perfection and match the animation with ease.

The same technology is used in Toy Story 2 as what was used in the first. Although, it's a bit updated and fine-tuned. This franchise has never looked so realistic and brings even more detail than the original.

Material isn't the only change made for this sequel. The entire tone if the film has changed. The first one had an almost gloomy and dark feeling to it, while this is more of a fun and incredibly bright film. Toy Story 2 is just as highly recommended as the first and they should be seen one after the other, since they go hand in hand as if they were one long flick.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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