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Trick 'r Treat


Jeff Nelson

...splendid movie for Halloween.

Trick 'r Treat
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For modern cinema, it is rare to find a thriller about the holiday Halloween. There have been some in the past. Trick 'r Treat is a modern Halloween flick. This movie has been delayed for a long time. It was supposed to go to theaters, but ended up taking too long and went to Blu-Ray and DVD. Now, it is finally out to the public.

The film has four stories that happen on Halloween. One is about a school principal who has a secret life. A second is about a college virgin with her slutty friends on their way to a party. The last story is a woman who hates the holiday, but whose husband loves Halloween. The writing is great. It never is trite and it flows perfectly. Each story is interesting, creative, and unique in its own way. Many films that do this end up being confusing or get boring. This movie keeps it interesting and each story is fun to watch play out.

As soon as I heard of this flick, I was surprised to hear Anna Paquin's involvement. She gives a great performance, as always. Anna keeps her scenes realistic, no matter how crazy they become. There are other known names attached to this film. Just about each actor pulls his or her weight.

The visuals are well done. The appearance of the film is eerie, ominous, and creepy. One of the children in this film will never be forgotten. The costume and look are extremely creepy. This child happens to be on the cover of the Blu-Ray and DVD. He has a sack over his head with buttons for eyes. Visuals stand out strongly throughout.

Overall, Trick 'r Treat is a splendid movie. The stories flow perfectly without being boring. The actors do a great job, much better than in most Hollywood flicks. The visuals work very well in this film. I didn't really have any gripes with this film. It is not a perfect movie, but has very few flaws. This movie is not bloody, gory, or too disturbing. It is not meant to be terrifying and does have comedy in it. The film contains subtle scares with creepy atmospheres. This allows more audiences to view it. Trick 'r Treat is the perfect movie to watch on Halloween.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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