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Jeff Nelson

Triangle is a well-composed psychological thriller that might not leave everyone in complete awe, but certainly deserves to be seen.

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Some moviegoers really enjoy going through twists and turns while others aren't too fond with the large amount of story that must take place in order for that to happen. For those of you who enjoy the twists and turns of psychological horror flicks, you're in for a ride. I don't understand those of you who can't pay attention long enough to stick with the story. It's unfortunate too. You're missing a fun roller coaster ride.

Murder strikes the Bermuda Triangle. Jess encounters many bad omens near the local harbor before leaving with her friends on a yacht trip. Later that night, the yacht hits a storm, forcing the group of friends to board a mysterious deserted ship. The clock on the ship has stopped, and so has many senses of safety. As much as I'd enjoy to talk in detail about the plot, speaking too much about it will spoil the entire movie. It may feel a little bit slow to some, but the pacing is just right for me. The dialogue is decent, for the most part, with a few mediocre lines. The many twists that occur throughout are generally done very well. They're unpredictable and make you begin thinking what the next one will be.

Once all the actors have been accounted for, there are a few bad apples in the bunch. However, the main actress put on a good performance. Melissa George seems to usually express fear in horror films with ease. She does it in a more realistic way and makes her character easy to follow. Michael Dorman and Liam Hemsworth have smaller roles, but both of them do a fitting job with their dialogue. The rest of the cast isn't anything memorable. Altogether, they get the job done.

Most of the movie takes place on the mysterious boat that the group boards. The atmosphere of the boat is eerie as it looks as if all of the crew and passengers just disappeared off of it. Everything is set up as if they just got off the boat. The hallways are narrow, dim, and filled with rooms and turns. This creates extra tension for the viewer, just wondering what could come out of one of these rooms or corners. Unfortunately, there area a couple moments where CGI is used. The filmmakers correctly used it and didn't use it the entire running time. Instead, it's only used to enhance a couple scenes. I would like to go into more detail, but I'm biting my tongue not to ruin any of the major plot points.

I want to make something very clear. Do not look at stills, a trailer, clips, or anymore information on this film. Looking at any of these will spoil many plot twists. Don't be turned off of this film because it seems like a slasher. It actually isn't a slasher flick at all. This film is most definitely a psychological thriller that requires you to pay attention the entire running time and to think. It's an interesting movie, but some may have different opinions on the ending. Some will think that it concludes well, while others will think that it needs some work. I wouldn't recommend this as a purchase, since it's not as fun once knowing the ending. This is a flawed film in many ways, but does a lot right as well. Nevertheless, it's most definitely worth a rental. Triangle is a well-composed psychological thriller that might not leave everyone in complete awe, but certainly deserves to be seen.

My Rating = Three Stars

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