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The Road


Jeff Nelson

The Road is an incredibly doleful film that will be too slow and boring for most audiences.

The Road
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From literature to film, the theme of a post-apocalyptic world is quite popular. It's used in poetry, novels, movies, and tv shows. When it's depicted in film, it usually is an action flick including some ridiculous way that the world became the way it did. The Road is far from a post-apocalyptic action flick.

From the post-apocalyptic remains of Appalachia, a father and son take to the road in search of a better life. However, the father's health is failing, lending urgency to a journey against a band of cannibals. It's refreshing to see another take on the post-apocalypic vision. The plot points are pretty predictable. The dialogue is well-written and takes time to build character development and make the viewer feel as if they are traveling right along with these two people. Although, the film drags and feels utterly slow.

By far, the most notable performance is by the father. The actor is Viggo Mortensen. He recites his dialogue very well and gets into his character. The father and son are the only two actors that are really depicted and are the only ones who get the spotlight. Not a lot can be said for the other actors, as each is in it for such a small period of time.

The visuals show exactly what the film is. Dark, sad, and dreary. The entire film is gray, with the exception of a few fires. It's shot well, but that only takes a film so far. It may be beautifully shot, but the film isn't what I expected it to be.

From what I have said about the writing and the main actor, one may think that I liked this film. That isn't the case. This is perhaps one of the most depressing and slow films I have seen to date. It's definitely not the film to watch late at night, otherwise you'll fall asleep with ease. The Road is an incredibly doleful film that will be too slow and boring for most audiences.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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