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The Others


Jeff Nelson

Well written and superbly acted.

The Others
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One of the rarest movies to find is a good ghost film. Most of these flicks are the same. They have the same beginning, end and sometimes even similar dialogue. The Others is one of those hidden gems that is very underrated.

The plot is about a woman and her children who live in a huge house. Her children cannot go into the sunlight because they are photosensitive. The family is convinced that the house is haunted. The story is original. The best thing about the writing is that it is unique. Everything that happens is something new. The story is very well written throughoutl.

Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman is the mother of the children. She does a stunning job. Kidman is able to play her role perfectly and not come off as annoying. She is the bitchy mother and could get very annoying. Kidman plays this role while sounding sincere and that she really cares about her children. The acting in this film is spectacular.

The look of the film is dark. The only light shown is candle light and occasional sunlight. It is so dark, the question is if the house is really haunted or not. There are scenes that may be in their heads, or might not. The lighting and angles are manipulated well.

The Others is a creepy and eerie film. It captures mystery and suspense throughout. As the film continues, the more intense it becomes. This is the type of movie in which the audience is constantly sitting on the edge of their seats. The Others is highly recommended and a must see.

My Rating = Four and One Half  Stars

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