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The Mutant Chronicles


Jeff Nelson

...a silly story...an awful movie...

The Mutant Chronicles
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When people go to see a movie, they have to be in the mood for the type of movie they are about to see. I wanted to see The Mutant Chronicles ever since the trailer came out. I like Thomas Jane and it sounded like a genuinely fun movie.

The premise of this movie is about a group of soldiers who are teamed up to get to the middle of the earth to kill off the mutants that have taken over the earth. It is a silly story, but this was not the reason I wanted to see this movie.

I saw the trailer and thought it looked like fun. I saw that Thomas Jane was going to star in it and that is what sealed the deal. I was highly disappointed by the acting in this film. Thomas Jane is a great actor, as seen in The Mist and the HBO series Hung. Every actor acted like they were starring on a Sci-Fi Channel movie. This was the first time Thomas Jane has disappointed me.

I understand that this movie os a low-budget film, but this is ridiculous. The special effects and green screen looked very fake. In fact, nothing in this movie looked real. Everything looked like a child's home movie. The blood was all CGI and none of it even looked like live action blood. There were terrible visuals throughout.

Overall, The Mutant Chronicles is an awful movie. It is very boring. I even fell asleep at a few parts. It took three times watching it to get through the entire movie. This has to be the worst limited released movie I've seen to date. Stay far away from this movie and let it collect dust on the Blockbuster shelves where it belongs.

My Rating = One Star

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