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The Lovely Bones


Jeff Nelson

The CGI drags this film down a bit.

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The general public of movie lovers highly enjoy CGI used in films. These effects further films and make them more amusing to look at. Actions films can look absolutely stunning with these effects. Although, CGI is part of what dragged The Lovely Bones down.

A young girl has been murdered, but still watches over her family and her killer. She must choose between vengeance or her family to heal from their loss. The story is interesting. The concept is an amazing idea and the screenplay is absolutely beautiful. The dialogue is excellent in every form used.

A majority of the acting is brilliant. Susie Salmon does a wonderful job playing the main character. The only problem with her is that she's very hard to relate to her character Saoirse Ronan as some of her lines not delivered correctly. Mark Wahlberg redeems himself with this substantial role. Stanley Tucci is beyond words and does a terrific job playing the killer. He's absolutely creepy and delivers every line perfectly.

The visuals are exceptional when they are called for. When Susie isn't on heaven or earth, this place continues to be shown for quite some time. Tons of CGI are used to create this world and it doesn't fit in with the rest of the film. The CGI itself isn't bad, but the placement in it and the times it's used are awful. These scenes should of been cut shorter since they are unnecessary.

The Lovely Bones sounds like an astonishing film, but falls through on some aspects. The running time felt unusually long and dragged out at times. At times, scenes can even become tacky. This really ruins the feel of the movie. The Lovely Bones is by no means a bad movie, but it didn't stand up to the hype about it. This film has some truly phenomenal moments and is worth seeing when available for rental.

My Rating = Three Stars

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