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The King's Speech


Jeff Nelson

The King's Speech is a magnificent film that's highly recommended.

The King's Speech
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As the Academy Awards aren't very far away, this is when quite a few of the contenders are released in theaters. If they're released too early in the year, not many people will remember it and won't be fresh enough in people's heads. The King's Speech has had the words "Multi-Academy Award Winner" written all over it from the start.

Britain's King George VI struggles with a stutter for years until he seeks help from Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue and develops a friendship that leads his confidence. Those who are interested in European history will find the story and period shown very interesting. The screenplay is unbelievably good and makes a strong connection between the characters and the audience. There are a few moments where it gets a little bit slow, but the dialogue is so great that it keeps your attention throughout. Be aware that this isn't anything intense and is more of a very well-created period piece.

Whether you've seen The King's Speech or not, we've all heard of the cast due to the film being nominated for 12 Academy Awards. Colin Firth won his Golden Globe, while the three most commonly seen actors in the film are all nominated for Academy Awards. Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter are all truly outstanding. They create a tremendous amount of depth for their characters and master their performances. There's a lot of quick and witty dialogue, especially between Firth and Rush. Both actors handle these scenes perfectly. Without Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, this film definitely wouldn't be the same.

The film takes place before King George VI took the throne of Britain. Everything from the clothes to the sets express the time period perfectly. Cinematography is absolutely excellent even when the characters are just having conversations.

Keep in mind that this film isn't for everybody. Some people may think that this movie is too slow and drags. I found it rather engaging as it kept my attention from start to finish with ease. The performances are all some of the very best of the year. Even if this isn't your type of film, I still highly recommend a rental. The King's Speech is a magnificent film that's highly recommended.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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