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The Killing Room


Jeff Nelson

The Killing Room is a very mediocre film that some might enjoy, but is extremely forgettable.

The Killing Room
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After SAW was released, there was a wave of films imitating this concept. Obviously, none of them is quite as good as the first one when it first began hitting theaters. I'm beginning to feel that the idea has been done and filmmakers need to move on to what will be the new thing for films to follow. It's only a matter of time until a new filmmaker changes horror once again.

Four individuals sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal, classified government program. The plot is essentially a mix of a watered down SAW and a government study. The writing is mediocre. One of the big problems is that most of the characters are unlikable and the audience cannot relate or feel bad for them. A lot of the plot twists are fairly predictable. One thing that goes for the film is the ending. The final couple minutes make you want to see more of what occurs later in the film. That's where a lot of suspense comes in. A lot of the first half of the film feels dragged out and just as if it ripped off of a lot of other psychological thrillers. I don't expect the entire film to be completely unique, but to at least bring something to the table other than cliché dialogue, irritating characters, and dragged out conversations.

For a set of characters to be locked in a room to interact with only each other and bounce emotions off one another, can be difficult for some actors. It seems like almost all of the cast had a hard time pulling off their roles. I've never been a Nick Cannon fan and never will be. His acting feels stale and plain. Shea Whigham gives a performance for a character that I actually liked. However, one actor can't pull along the load of an entire film when there are other main characters that have more screen time. The rest of the actors aren't anything to brag about and give mediocre performances.

The entire film takes place inside one room with nothing but white walls. The Killing Room even takes a few visual tips from the original SAW, which took place inside of the dirty bathroom with white walls as well. The lighting is extremely bright from the large lights at the top of the room. There are times when the cameras in the room consume the screen and the audience sees what the people behind the glass do. There are a lot of similarities in terms of atmosphere and the room as in SAW.

While it may not be a complete disaster, it's certainly not something you should go out of your way to see. This film rips off of so many other thrillers that you'd be better off just watching what it has stolen from. The ending is done well, but more effort and creativity is needed for introducing the characters and their obstacles. The Killing Room is a very mediocre film that some might enjoy, but is extremely forgettable.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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