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The Incredible Hulk


Jeff Nelson

The Incredible Hulk is fun...

The Incredible Hulk
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Over the past decade, superhero films have become extremely popular. Most of them are adapted from old comic books and put into a film. There already is a film about the Hulk, but isn't even close to a good film, so it needed to be remade for another shot.

Bruce Banner searches for an antidote to his condition, which causes him to transform into a hulking, green monster when under stress or anger. Getting close to finding a solution, Dr. Banner becomes sidetracked as he's attacked first by the military and soon a rival monster, known as the Abomination. Since it's a superhero film, it's obvious that the story line won't be the best component of the film. The script can be quite tacky and the screenplay just isn't very creative or new.

Edward Norton stars as Hulk and Liv Tyler is his lover. Edward Norton does an outstanding job and brings out his character to the best of his abilities and really pulls it off. Liv Tyler gives an acceptable performance. It's not the best roles of Tyler's, but still could've been worse.

The first stab at the Hulk series is a complete dud, even when it comes to visuals. This second attempt at it, the visuals are much better. Although, they still aren't as good as many action films these days. A couple of the transformations appear fake. The action scenes are caught well on footage, though.

When standing back and taking a look at all the superhero flicks of the past decade, The Hulk just doesn't seem like he transfers well to the big screen. However, this time it's a monstrous improvement over the last Hulk film that came out years ago. The Incredible Hulk is fun, yet forgettable, but worth a rental.

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My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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