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The Orphanage


Jeff Nelson

A ghost story from Spain that hits the spot...]

The Orphanage
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Old ghost movies used to be scary. These films would keep people awake at night with their lights on. In recent years, ghost movies have been laughable. Most are quite tacky with bad acting and dialogue. The majority of these are American films. There is an eerie film from Spain that has had people raving.

The Orphanage is about a woman who lives in a house that was her orphanage as a child. She lives in this house with her husband and child. Her son has made an invisible friend in the orphanage. The story alone is creepy. It is well-written. The script captures characters and dialogue well.

Belén Rueda makes a large impact in this film. Rueda is relatable. She compares well with any woman actor. In fact, I would like to see her in more films. Belén helped make this movie what it is.

Dark and dreary are words that work best for this film. There is very little color shown throughout. This works perfectly for this particular movie. The set design and costume design set it up. Tomás is the creepiest kid I have seen in a movie in a while. The mask and make up used are eerie. The visuals are done wonderfully.

Generally,The Orphanage is great. The subtitles don't ever slow down the film. The pacing may be a little off. There are moments of the film that are too long or become dull. Otherwise, the ending is perfect and shocking. Overall, it's an exciting film.The Orphanage is recommended to all viewers.

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My Rating = Four Stars

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