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The Hurt Locker


Jeff Nelson

The Hurt Locker is highly recommended for war genre fans...

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Out of every sub-genre in films, war movies are not even close to being my favorite. They are usually pretty violent, which is good, but they usually have a long running time. I was being dragged into this movie not even knowing it was a war film. Before being dragged to a movie, know what you are getting into.

Almost ever war story is the same. They follow the same plot, the same mediocre acting, and the same clichéd ending. The Hurt Locker does have some new ideas for a plot. This film shows more of that part of the army that disarms bombs. You never know where the bomb is or just how big it really is. That is always a good thing to have in a film.

The acting is OK. I only recognized one actor, Christian Camargo. who was Colonel Cambridge. His other role is Dexter's brother in the Showtime first season of Dexter. The Colonel is barely in the film, but he gives a great performance, as he did in Dexter. The main cast does a fairly good job, but some of the lines are cheesy. This is not their fault, but it may come off as it is their fault for delivering the line. Some of the dialogue is out of place and unnecessary. There are not many bad instants with the actors and they put on quite a show.

When walking into a war movie, I expect bombs going off everywhere, people's heads getting shot off. The Hurt Locker shows a lot of the people getting blown up. The visuals are great and the photography is even better. Even though the visuals are not that important for this film, they still are great and look realistic.

Overall, The Hurt Locker is an alright war movie. This is one that war sub-genre fans will love. The film uses story and drama more than violence and the ending is great. Even though the film is only around two hours, it still felt a bit long. Scenes get repetitive and stay repetitive for up to 10 minutes. The Hurt Locker is highly recommended for war genre fans, but if you are not one of those, wait for DVD and Blu-Ray. Next movie: Repo! The Genetic Opera

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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