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The Human Centipede


Jeff Nelson

The Human Centipede doesn't deserve the popularity it has received.

The Human Centipede
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Director Tom Six has unfortunately created a film that has become a name in pop culture. The Human Centipede is currently well-known by many audiences, whether they've seen it or not. It's known for the torture-porn and initial plot. Most audiences went to check this one out due to the internet hype that was built over a period of time. Sure, the concept is nasty, but does the movie accomplish much more than that? Is it even fair to assess this as a horror film? Opinions are sure to vary from moviegoer to moviegoer, although I find it to be a disgrace to the horror genre.

After their car breaks down while in Germany, Americans Lindsay and Jenny wind up at a remote villa. They soon find themselves trapped in a nightmare. Dr. Josef Heiter kidnaps them for his demented experiment to create a human "centipede." The plan includes removing their kneecaps so they must walk on all fours, then surgically connecting them to a Japanese man to create a bizarre human chain. Once you get over the initial shock of the premise, then you'll realize that there isn't anything left. The entire screenplay is based solely on the shock value of these three characters being connected. I never once found myself feel sympathetic towards any of triad of characters. As expected, the dialogue will have most viewers laughing and rolling his or her eyes throughout. Many people tried to defend the film by saying it contains deeper meanings concerning society and that it isn't meant to be taken seriously. I believe that this isn't meant to be taken in a certain context, but I absolutely disagree regarding the state that this explores a message of what's happening in society. This human "centipede" was rumored for a long time to be one of the sickest, most controversial movies to be made in recent times. Well, it's quite tame compared to other movies. I'm glad that I didn't have to see a woman eating a man's crap in too much explicit detail, but the film has a lot of false hype. The ending is predictable and left me feeling that I wasted valuable time of my life that I could have spent doing something much more productive. Take away the disgusting initial concept and The Human Centipede has nothing to attract viewers.

With such a sick idea, how many good actors are going to volunteer to take a part in this filth? Not very many. The three roles in the human "centipede" are Akihiro Kitamura, Ashley C. Williams, and Ashlynn Yennie. None of them are very convincing. Especially the two girls. Williams and Yennie have the skill level of an actress in a pornographic flick. Before they're connected, those who have seen the movie will know what I am talking about. The dialogue may be bad, but both the delivery is even worse. Dieter Laser performs as Dr. Heiter. He's clearly the strongest role in the movie. He's a sick doctor that's believable in the creepy type persona. Even if a good director was behind the camera, these actors didn't stand much of a chance to begin with. Dr. Heiter has the only acceptable performance from the cast. The other actors are beyond bad.

With all of the buzz surrounding the movie, audiences expected this to be a blood fest. However, there's actually a very small amount of blood. The ass-to-mouth contact is thankfully kept underneath bandages and we never see that blatantly on screen. After seeing the sequel, The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, Director Tom Six has done a much more tasteful job with the original. The visual department isn't trying as hard as the sequel does. Six keeps a lot to the imagination in The Human Centipede.

To be bluntly honest, The Human Centipede is a piece of shit that Six is trying to force us to swallow. The buzz that was on the internet is what brought about a lot of the audiences. However, it's not that the movie is that brutal. It's rather tame, but the movie itself is just awful. I don't consider this to be horror. It doesn't try to provoke fear, make us think, or even shock us in a horrifying way. Instead, it tries to use a gross premise with horrible actresses and expect us to bite. I suppose this type of film is an acquired taste that I'm glad I don't possess. The Human Centipede doesn't deserve the popularity it has received.

My Rating = One Star

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