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The Abandoned


Jeff Nelson

The Abandoned is an undeniably dull and slow film that requires a lot more touching up...

The Abandoned
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When viewing a slower paced thriller, it usually doesn't bother me too much. As long as I'm given a strong screenplay, characters I care about and some eerie settings it makes up for dragging. However, is there anything to compensate for the nature of The Abandoned?

An American woman travels to her Russian homeland where her birth mother died to take over the family farm she inherited.She meets a mysterious man claiming to be her twin brother and together they find the house holds dangerous secrets to a past they don't remember. The film begins very cliché in every way, shape, and form. Although, once it gets started, there are some very strong concepts that weren't expanded upon. The screenplay is full of plot holes that are too large to ignore. The dialogue is of poor quality and the film feels the need to explain every event that happens. This is essentially insulting the audience's intelligence, having to explain each and every main situation that occurs.

An unimpressive script is unfortunately followed by mediocre acting. None of them are convincing of their characters and feels forced. It's important for a film focusing on character development to get convincing actors who will pull its viewers into the film. None of it feels real.

If there's one reason to see this film, it's for the visuals. The atmosphere, cinematography, and camera work are all phenomenal. The sets are unbelievably eerie and locations are chosen well. The camera is handled well throughout.The creepy family farm is brought to life and couldn't have looked better.<{> Even though the visuals are fantastic, it doesn't make a great movie. The screenplay isn't written well and needed much more work. The actors had the look, but didn't have the acting chops to pull off their characters. There are some ideas that I don't want to spoil that are manipulated well, but they aren't focused upon. The Abandoned is an undeniably dull and slow film that requires a lot more touching up as far as the screenplay and acting goes.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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