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The Good Girl


Jeff Nelson

...limited budget, limited release, but still great...

The Good Girl
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There are so many people that complain about the mainstream movies being bad. The majority of the public goes to see just what is released in theaters and is talked about a lot. Not many people see limited releases or even hear about them. Many are bad, but others are magnificent.

The Good Girl is about a woman named Justine Last who works at a super market. She is unhappy and leading a depressing, boring and average life. Justine is frustrated with her weed smoking husband who pays no attention to her. One day a man who is younger than her appears who just started working at the same super market. They quickly become friends, but also find a love interest. Justine sees a spark in him that she has not felt or seen in a long time. The only problem is that she has to keep this behind hidden doors. Her secret lover is unstable and depressed, which takes her life spiraling out of control. The story has been used many times, and this movie does not offer too many new twists or elements. The Good Girl's strong point goes beyond the story. The writing is top notch and the narration of Justine is poetry. it is beautifully written.

From I first heard of this movie, i was not interested. The cast list, on the other hand, jabe me some hope for it. The cast has Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, and John C. Reilly. The glowing performances are Jennifer Aniston as Justine and Jake Gyllenhaal as Justine's other lover. Both of them make a great connection on set showing real chemistry. Every scene is realistic stemming from their brilliant acting skills. Jennifer Aniston has an obviously fake accent, which at times is a bit too obvious. This is the only problem I see. Otherwise, the acting is outstanding.

Since The Good Girl is not a high budget movie, it does not have the best equipment to film. In the final product, there are well thought out camera angles and ways to photograph things. As Justine is driving, she is narrating how she feels driving down a rainy road. The camera shows the street lights with the rain dulling them out so you just see colors of light. This is the most memorable moment of the film for its visuals, as it stands out. The way it was filmed and set up is perfect. The visuals may not of been top notch, but they are smart and limited.

The Good Girl is a great film. It is a dramatic film that engages the audience throughout. Each character matters and affects the viewer. The writing is excellent, and it is just an all around strong movie. I would identify it more as a drama than a chick flick. This is the type of movie that is difficult to find. The Good Girl deserves more credit than it has received.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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