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The Fourth Kind


Jeff Nelson

The Fourth Kind is a love it or hate it film, but noone can say that it's not unique.

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In this day and age, supernatural and alien films aren't as scary as they used to be. Yes, Paranormal Activity did wonders in the box office. Many moviegoers just aren't scared easily anymore and feel they've seen it all. Well here is a strange, yet original film that is bashed by most critics.

Based on true events, an Alaska town has had many unexplained disappearances. There are many accusations put on people to cover it up, Dr. Abigail Tyler is videotaping sessions with her abducted patients to find out what's going on in her town. From the second the film starts, Milla Jovovich appears and tells the audience it's up to the audience what they believe. She tells the viewers what they are going to see is disturbing. This technique is very effective and prepares the viewer for what they're in for. The script is decent and gets the job done.

The Fourth Kind displays Milla Jovovich's true skills. Many have been skeptical of Milla for her the recent film choices. In this film, she plays her dramatic role shockingly well. She is a great actress who is often times underrated. The rest of the cast performs their roles well.

For this film to be effective, it has to be done carefully. It's very smart of the filmmakers to not show any aliens and the camera to be fuzzy when something big is happening. This way there is no possibility of it looking fake or cheesy. The editing is beautifully done by splitting the scene a lot and showing the archived film and the movie. The cinematography is excellent.

Even for those who don't appreciate this film will have to admit it's original. Most of the scares from the archived film keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. This is something most alien films don't achieve. I believe this film is shot well and achieved what it was trying to. It's not telling you to believe or not believe, but allowing the viewers to keep their beliefs and view the film from their own perspective. I found this film enjoyable, interesting, and worthwhile. The Fourth Kind is a love it or hate it film, but noone can say that it's not unique.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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