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The Fighter


Jeff Nelson

The Fighter is a well-made film that has a bunch of tremendous Oscar-worthy performances, making this an easy high recommendation.

The Fighter
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When I go see a film, the story isn't always what draws me in. There have been too many of these sport, based on true-events-esque films for my taste. I most likely wouldn't have seen this if it weren't for the cast and the fact that they have 'possible Oscar-winners' written all over them.

A look at the early years of boxers "Irish" Mickey Ward and his brother who helped him train before going pro in the mid-1980's. To give actors a chance to truly show their talent, they have to be given a good script with characters that they can make feel as though they are the characters. The screenplay that is given to these actors gives them plenty of opportunities to show what they can do. The dialogue is well-written and the pacing is just the right mixture of speaking and fighting. Even if the plot points are predictable, The script as a whole does a great job of telling the story.

Fortunately, there is a top notch cast attached to this film. Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo all do a fantastic job in their roles. However, those who have seen it will most likely agree that Christian Bale takes the cake for giving the best performance. Mark Wahlberg feels real in the role of Mickey Ward and has definitely bulked up for the role. Christian Bale is terrific as Dicky Eklund and got into his role like no other actor could have. Amy Adams feels very natural in her character Charlene Fleming. Melissa Leo does a great job as Alice, the mother of Mickey and Dicky. All of these actors deserve an Oscar nod for making the film so real and packing a punch like no other cast could have.

The Fighter isn't just about showing the dramatic relationships on these characters or even the boxing, but rather about how it shows it. Whenever there's a fight in the ring, it's shot just as you'd see it on tv. This style of shooting makes the fights feel even more real as if the audience is watching it as it's happening.

To those of you who think that this film is about nothing but boxing and training, you're completely wrong. There's so much more to this film. It's about the issues of Mickey and his family. How the relationships he has are breaking down one by one and the boxing only emotionally tearing him down further. It's also about Mickey trying to fix his relationships and go pro at boxing. The Fighter is a well-made film that has a bunch of tremendous Oscar-worthy performances, making this an easy high recommendation.

My Rating = Four Stars

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