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The Final Destination


Jeff Nelson

"...pure entertainment...3D BIG in this one...

The Final Destination
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The Final Destination series has been around for quite awhile. Each film started to get worse and worse as it went on and just when I was about to give up, this was released.

Anybody who has heard of Final Destination already knows the story. It is about one teenager who has a premonition, who in this film sees a race car crash and takes his friends from the scene. Everybody in the arena is dead with only a group of teenagers remaining who should not have lived. Death has now come to kill each one of them in the order in which they were meant to die in a way people would call a freak accident. The story is interesting for the first film, but it got stale once the second one was released. This film is not meant for people to focus on the story.

In any movie such as this, I never concentrate on the acting. Do not expect to see an oscar-winning performance in this film. Most of the performances were cliché and have been seen in all the other Final Destination movies. The best performance in this film was from the lead, Bobby Campo. The rest of the cast gave acting skills at a level of which you would expect from their age group.

The biggest thing that won the box office for The Final Destination is the fact that it is in 3D. There have been a lot of films being released in 3D and some people are already getting bored with the transition of 2D to 3D. This is the best film I have seen in 3D, even better than My Bloody Valentine 3D. Everything was crystal clear and every object that flies at you makes you flinch a little. In every "accident" in the film, something flies out at you. The visuals were top notch and will not let anybody down.

Overall, The Final Destination is meant to be seen in 3D. This movie is pure entertainment. It is paced very quickly, there is a lot of blood and it is very creative. Movies are running out of ways to kill people, but The Final Destination pulls out ways that nobody would ever even think of. The Final Destination is highly recommended to be seen in theaters and in 3D.

My Rating = Four Stars

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