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The Devil's Rejects


Jeff Nelson

...once in a blue moon the sequel is better than the first.

The Devil's Rejects
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When sequels are created, the general public expect it to be a disaster. Originals are usually the best in the series since they're fresh. There are many things that could ruin a sequel compared to an original. It's once in a blue moon the sequel is better than the first.

Attacked at their isolated home by Sheriff Wydell and a squad of armed men, the Firefly family awakes one morning with guns blazing. Only Otis and his sister are able to escape. Hiding in a motel, they rendezvous with their father and kill whoever get in their way. Sheriff Wydell decides to take the law in his own hands when the body count mounts. The story is written well by Rob Zombie. This sequel keeps the flow of the original, House of 1000 Corpses, but adds some new elements to it. The script is a hit and miss with some fantastic lines, but has a low budget and tacky feel to it.

Sheri Moon Zombie, once again stars in one of her husband's films. Sid Haig picks his role back up as Captain Spaulding. Sheri Moon Zombie gives a better performance than in her previous role in the original. Sid Haig gives a hilarious and entertaining performance. His lines are funny and he communicates the dialogue with near perfection.

The mood of the film is the same as far as the time period goes. The production cost is higher and looks like a more modern film than before. The props are wonderful and look realistic in every way. The motel room is a terrific set that's constructed extremely well.

The thing that's different from House of 1000 Corpses is that The Devil's Rejects is a more mainstream film than the first. It still won't appeal all audiences, but people are bound to enjoy this more than the original. This film proves that Rob Zombie can be taken a bit more seriously as a film director. The Devil's Rejects is recommended for all Rob Zombie fans and those who are interested in the horror/cult genre.

My Rating = Four Stars

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