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The Devil's Advocate


Jeff Nelson

Pacino and Theron will take you on one hell of a ride.

The Devil's Advocate
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Films can truly grab the attention of audiences everywhere,whether it's positive or negative, by showing off huge explosions and intense car chases. A tense action flick will keep viewers on the edge of their seats and this has been proven many times. It isn't heard as often that a slow-paced thriller will grab people's attention and keep it throughout the film.

John Milton recruits the successful young attorney Kevin Lomax to his Manhattan firm, both Kevin and his wife find life on Park Avenue seductive. This is true until the pair beings questioning John's plans and who Kevin actually works for. The plot is interesting and will cause you to question everything that happens throughout the film. The screenplay is written very well. Everything from rants to court room cases, the film is very intelligent. The ending is satisfying and is quite clever.

This movie has great writing, but it always helps to have a strong cast reciting the dialogue. Keanu Reeves is the lawyer who is hired and gives his usual performance. He doesn't show much emotion and speaks his dialogue as if he's a robot. The two shining roles of the films are Charlize Theron, Keanu's wife, and Al Pacino performing as the one who hires Keanu. Theron gives an emotional performance and the further into the film it gets, the greater she is. However, Pacino is who makes the film what it is. He's absolutely phenomenal and brings an insanity to his lines that just makes the audience want more.

There may not be a big red devil or explosions, but the landscaping and sets are beyond incredible. The camera work is terrific. There are a few face deformations and they're incorporated well.

Some may think this is a horror film, but it's simply a psychological thriller. It's slow-paced and is a dialogue-driven film, but never is boring or dull. Films such as this are rarely made anymore, and that's a shame. The Devil's Advocate actually makes its viewers think hard until the credits roll. Pacino and Theron will take you on one hell of a ride.

My Rating = Four Stars

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