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Jeff Nelson

Skip this one!

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Everybody has people he or she gets movie suggestions from. I will not be seeing any more based on what the online reviewer at Blockbuster tells me. Make sure you have the same taste in movies as the person from whom you are getting movie suggestions before fully trusting them. This movie just proves I will not be asking this guy for advice anymore.

The story is simple and begins very well. After 20 minutes pass, the story twists and turns into odd places. It begins to get very cheesy and laughable, since they have the old time machine ramble in this movie. It was a creative idea, but a very bad execution of it.

When you have actors in a horror movie, you always want them to be smart. Not only smart, but realistic, and you want them to live through it! In this movie, I could not care less if the main character lived or died. I'm not sure if it was the writing of the characters or if it was the actors, but there were too many wrong things going on. I stopped caring about what happens to the characters 40 minutes into the movie

The visuals were decent, but did not really capture the houses. I think they could have given better lighting and a more vibrant pictures to represent Spain, since it is a very beautiful country. It seems like the cinematographer did a half job and just got lazy.

Overall, this movie is not for everybody, and especially not for me. I truly thought it was a waste of time and that it was just pathetic. The ending is obvious and the characters are not interesting. Skip this one and keep looking on the shelves at Blockbuster for something that will keep you entertained for more than 20 minutes.

My Rating = One  Star

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