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The Children


Jeff Nelson

...The Children is a solid rental.

The Children
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As time passes, it seems that foreign horror movies are becoming more popular throughout the United States. Studios either pick up the rights and release the original film or remake them. Since The Children is from the United Kingdom and is already in English. The United States market has finally received The Children and is available for purchase or rental.

Christmas vacation turns into a fight for survival as the children begin to turn on their parents. The story is simple and to the point. The screenplay has large plot holes that occur throughout the film. Quite a few of the actions by the parents are absolutely unbelievable and frustrates the viewer. The film starts slow, but once it picks up, it's entertaining. One of the weakest components of the film is that it's quite hard to picture a grown adult not able to fight off a child. One of the best strengths this movie has is that it ends the film undeniably well. It gives the viewer enough information to know what will happen next, but the rest is left to your imagination.

If you're expecting as fantastic of a performance as Isabelle Fuhrman gave as a killer child in Orphan, then you're going to be disappointed. None of the children even begin likable and the actors don't feel as convincing as Fuhrman did in her role. The parents are a bit better, but still are nothing past mediocre. The best performance is Hannah Tointon in her role as Casey, the rebellious teenager. In the last ten minutes of the film, she definitely shows what she is capable of. Tointon isn't given many opportunities to show off what she can do due to script issues.

There are a couple of moments that are genuinely creepy. One of them is after the first parent's death and the other is at the end of the film. The snow setting could of been used well, but the filmmakers didn't take advantage of this. However, those two scenes in the film are eerie and are done very well. It's unfortunate that there aren't many of these scenes.

The problem I have with this film is that it had potential to be great, but ended up being only good. There's a big difference between great and good. Nonetheless, it's a lot more than what could be said about many other films, but this could've been executed better. The first 40 minutes or so drag along, but once it picks up, it's a fun ride. If you can get past the large holes in logic that occur throughout this film, then The Children is a solid rental.

My Rating = Three Stars

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