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The Box


Jeff Nelson

The Box is a tedious and unimaginative film

The Box
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The majority of moviegoers love nothing more than to see a film to warp themselves into with a terrific story. Something with smart dialogue the won't bore them for a single minute. The director Richard Kelly has accomplished this once with Donnie Darko, but gets a different result directing The Box.

A disfigured man named Arlington Steward informs Norma and Arthur Lewis that they have 24 hours to decide if they want to push a button inside a box that will give them a million dollars, but a stranger will die at the same time. The plot sounds decent and hasn't been done before, but wasn't written well. The dialogue is second-rate and the plot doesn't unfold well.

Everyone knows who Cameron Diaz is. Generally, she pulls off her roles, but got lazy with The Box. Her fake accent is terrible and she doesn't seem very into her role. Who knows, she may of been just as bored making this film as it is for audiences to watch it.

The filming style is a bit strange. Not Donnie Darko strange though, but a very soft image that kills many details and colors on screen. It seems as if no effort was made to shoot the film in perspectives that would keep the viewer on his or her toes. this film is shown in the cliché camera shots, such as the over the shoulder, and uses these angles the entire film.

It's a disappointment to have to say, but this movie would be much stronger as a short film. The plot simply doesn't allow for very much material. Once the button is pressed and the very end is known, the rest of the film is useless. The Box is a tedious and unimaginative film and all movie buffs should stay far, far away.

My Rating = One Star

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