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The Broken


Jeff Nelson

A well done thriller.

The Broken
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When one reviewer calls a film a masterpiece, another may call it garbage. Opinions and reviews differ from person to person for some films. This is usually a bad sign for a film, but then individuals have to see the film for themselves to have their own take on the movie.

A radiologist's life spirals out of control when she sees herself driving down the street. While trying to reveal the faker, she finds a mystery that her family and closest friends are involved leaving her with nobody to trust. Throughout the film I was constantly reminded of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with a twist. The story is OK but borrows from other films. The writing varies from strong to poor or mediocre.

Most of the cast is full of TV stars and newcomers to the industry, but luckily, the main actress was cast right. Lena Headey (300) puts on a fine performance. It's not the best of her career, but she gets the job done. Some dialogue is misspoken by various actors and hurts the feeling and mood of the film. Otherwise, the acting isn't bad for an art film.

Never in the history of film have I seen a car crash look so beautiful. The slow motion and showing each part of the front of the cars slowly pulling off. This scene is just one of many scenes with beautiful film work. The editing and camera angles are fantastic.

There are many films better than The Broken, but it stands as a good way to spend the time it takes to see it. There are some scenes that may bore the general audience and be too dragged out, but it works out for the best. This is the type of movie the viewer has to stick with and watch where it goes. The ending is put together nicely and isn't very predictable. The Broken is a well-done thriller.

My Rating = Three Stars

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