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The Book of Eli


Jeff Nelson

The Book of Eli is worth a viewing...

The Book of Eli
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We've seen apocalyptic visions involving cannibalism and meaningless violence. When people are desperate, they are prepared to do almost anything to survive. However, many of these visions don't show the part of the human race that will grip om to religion.

Eli goes on a quest across the country to protect a sacred text in order to protect humanity. A blind woman's daughter has joined Eli on this journey, however, the town bully Carnegie desires the book and the girl. Most of the story is quite predictable, especially the major plot points. Although, the screenwriting is worthwhile. There are some interesting ideas that are presented throughout the film, but aren't expanded enough. However, it's fascinating to see the differences between our world and this world and how wasteful the world actually is. The concepts that begin to intrigue the audience stop being spoken of and are forgotten by the screenwriters halfway through.

The cast is picked extremely well. It includes Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Mila Kunis as the leads. Each of them performs very well. This is completely different from Oldman's role as Gordon in The Dark Knight and is awesome to see him in a different light. Denzel Washington gives Eli life that no other actor could have given the role. One may believe that Kunis is out of her league with these two extraordinary actors. That is far from the truth as Mila Kunis does a fantastic job and is becoming a better actress with each film she does. Even the smaller roles are performed well.

Just from watching the trailer, you'll know the filming style. The contrast and brightness are played with to give a greater atmosphere. There aren't very many dark scenes in the film, but even through the fast paced action, it's never difficult to tell what's going on. The angles are thought out well and does cause the viewer to feel there with the actors.

A lot of people will enjoy The Book of Eli, but a lot of people will absolutely hate it. This film is an action/adventure movie mixed with some sci-fi and has a big religious spin-off. There are times the situations aren't believable, but it ties itself up nicely in the end. The acting is superb and is top notch. The Book of Eli is worth a viewing, but I doubt many will be watching this one multiple times.

My Rating = Three Stars

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