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Terminator 4: Salvation


Jeff Nelson

An excellent movie...but not for everyone...

Terminator 4: Sal\vation
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When you think of the Terminator series, you think of robots being shot up and huge chase scenes. Well, this one is different. It has all the action of the other films, while coming up with its own creative story. Be cautious, though, this isn't for everybody.

Take everything you remember of the past three films and throw them away. Do not compare or think of a continuation of the past three. This takes the original story and twists and turns it in every possible direction. While this could be a good thing, it is a bad thing in a sense. It tries to use what you already knew from the past films as twists and turns throughout the film. This could very possibly be a film for people who haven't seen any of the originals.

Just knowing Christian Bale is in it, the acting has got to be great. He did a great job, but he was not the one that shined for me. It was Sam Worthington. He plays Marcus and really was able to bring out something unique. I would not be surprised if his name came up in the Oscar's list. There is not one line in the entire film said by Sam that sounded cheesy.

Overall, Terminator 4: Salvation is still not for everybody. Fans may think it is, all said and done, and newcomers will find it interesting.. Instead of all the explosions and mindless action, there is something more behind it all. It is a very interesting action film that I will be proud to put in the same category as the previous three Terminator films.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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