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Jeff Nelson

just lay back and have a good time watching the traps play out

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The first SAW in 2004 inspired an entire wave of filmmakers to make movies in the same sub-genre. Before we know it, there are six sequels and is one of the most popular modern horror flicks. Every Halloween, a sequel is released, but this will unfortunately be the last one...for now.

A group of Jigsaw survivors gather to seek support of the self-help guru and fellow "survivor" Bobby Dagen, whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror. The story picks up right where the sixth left off. There are so many questions left unanswered in the past films that I was expecting all questions to be answered. That's not fully the case. Many of them are tied up quite well, but others are left untouched. The traps have become more violent than they were in the past and there have become higher quantity. Unfortunately, it seems that it focuses almost too heavily on the aspect of "trap, trap, trap" that it doesn't step back to give us a big bang to go out on. What's strange is that this isn't anything like any of the other SAW films. The filmmakers took the fun/comic relief path instead of the serious tone, like they did with the past ones.The poster shows a large Jigsaw statue being built, however Jigsaw is hardly in this. In the past few sequels, Jigsaw has had numerous flashbacks explaining his work. In SAW VII 3D, he only has about one or two that can be mentioned. I enjoy watching these cat-and-mouse type stories occurring, but it took over too much of this movie.

The cast brings back some from the sixth and there are some newcomers. As mentioned before, Tobin Bell isn't in the film much. All of the lines he does have, he nails on the head. Cary Elwes from the first SAW returns and gives a decent performance. It's not as captivating as his job in the original, but an alright job nonetheless. Betsy Russell and Costas Mandylor return and both pull their weight. There's a rather large cast in this film since the traps are much more elaborate containing many more people.

It shouldn't be any surprise that SAW has gone into 3D. The good thing is, it was shot with a 3D camera. Only flashbacks are post-converted. For the most part, there's not a lot going on in the 3D, except a couple moments of mutilation throwing out the screen. I forgot I had the 3D glasses on after about thirty minutes. The visuals have their ups and downs. I don't want to give any of the traps away, but they're all much bigger than the previous ones. I understand that 3D wanted to be incorporated, but some of these death scenes felt out of place. Some of the deaths in the past films were actually very realistic, which led it to be more disturbing. The budget is bigger, so everything looks better, but it's not always going to mean a better movie.

In the end, SAW VII 3D ends up as entertaining instead of taking you out of nowhere. I expected a huge finale where I'd be completely taken off guard with an insane ending. Most fans guessed the ending years back. This is a fun as hell roller coaster ride, but it just didn't feel like SAW. The style of the movie was completely different, as were all the shooting techniques. Don't go into this expecting something as big and great as the first one, but know you're in for a good time. If you're a SAW fan, you shouldn't be too disappointed. If you're not too big of a dedicated fan, this may not be for you. SAW VII 3D is decent without being fantastic, as it could of been. It's worth seeing in the cinemas to see the final chapter. You'll have a fun time, but may be expecting more of the atmosphere as in SAW VI. Don't be looking for a big shocking ending, but just lay back and have a good time watching the traps play out.

SAW...we'll miss you.

My Rating = Three and One HalfStars

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