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Jeff Nelson

SAW V is an alright addition to the series...

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Whether audiences love or hate the SAW sequels or the original film or not, is irrelevant. Starting as a low budget film and continuing to a fifth, with a sixth to follow, SAW is here to stay.

The story is about Special Agent Strahm who is cracking down on finding Jigsaw's apprentice. He suspects Detective Hoffman and knows he is up to no good. As this is happening, there are five people in one room. All of them are forced to play Jigsaw's game. It is survival of the fittest. The story is well written. In a sense, the plot is better than the fourth entry. The idea is great, but execution could have been much better. It holds the viewer's attention and manages to keep suspense throughout.

The acting is better in this film than it is in SAW IV. Tobin Bell, once again, stands out as the most talented actor in the film. Julie Benz and Greg Bryk are another two that make it in this flick. I am a fan of Julie Benz, which is probably the reason why she stood out for me. Greg Bryk does a great job with his role. Everything from dialogue to screaming in pain he does well. It is nice to see Tobin Bell in action again and Julie Benz in the spotlight.

Visuals and camera angles have improved from the fourth film. The traps are interesting. Some are more violent, some have no blood involved. The camera angles are inventive and haven't ever seen some of them being used this wayr. The blood and props are great looking and very realistic. The visuals pass with flying colors.

Overall, SAW V is an alright addition to the series. This film got mixed opinions, and some may disagree with me and say it is awful. If you are trying to impress somebody with the SAW series, this is not the one to show them first. Fans of the series will appreciate this sequel for what it is, as I did. There is more of a back story for Jigsaw. This movie leaves a lot of unanswered questions to be answered in the next sequel. The ending is not as impressive as in the previous four, but it still ends nicely. SAW V is recommended asr a rental, but be cautious as this movie is not for everyone.

My Rating = Three Stars

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