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Jeff Nelson

This is the most confusing film of the franchise.

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I was excited to see how this movie would address the questions in SAW llI that were never answered. I am disappointed. Some of the questions are not answered or are avoided. Hopefully, these questions will be answered as the franchise goes on. However, this movie does show Jigsaw's past and what caused him to become what he is. SAW IV has its ups and downs.

Jigsaw and Amanda are dead. SWAT Commander Rigg has been abducted and has ninety minutes to overcome different traps to save an old friend or he will face consequences. The story is alright, but could of been better. The writing is good, but at times comes off as trite. The script needs some work, but is OK for what it is.

The acting ranges from tremendous to mediocre. Agent Strahm hits his dialogues fairly well. The biggest problem with the acting is that a few of the characters in the traps come off the same. All of them have about the same lines and do not sound realistic. They just cuss, scream and groan and many of them simply don't deliver. The actors could have done their jobs better.

The visuals are not as strong as they were in SAW lll, but the camera angles have gotten better. The transitions between a few of the scenes are very interesting to watch. The blood may be too red to look real, but the traps look great. The look of the film is still splendid.

SAW lV is one of the weaker films in the SAW series. The best part of the story is the back story on Jigsaw. This is well-written, but the story of Rigg is a mess. It focuses more on shock value than story.The first scene of the film is not to be seen by anybody who doesn't know what they are getting into. This is an autopsy scene. It is an accurate autopsy scene, but many will be grossed out. I had to watch this movie twice to understand it. This is the most confusing film of the franchise. SAW lV is a decent film, but doesn't compare to a the better films in the series.

My Rating = Three and One Half  Stars

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