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Jeff Nelson

This movie is not for the faint of heart

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Every year, right near Halloween, a SAW movie is put into theaters. Just hearing about this, many people are worried about it. The audiences may decide that the movies are rushed and the quality is lowered each film. This accusation I have heard many times, buy it is is far from correct.

The story is about a man named Jeff who is put into a series of traps. He must decide for a group of people whether he wants to save them or let them die. All of these people are connected to a hit-and-run involving his son. There is a woman, named Lynn, who must keep Jigsaw alive. She has a collar around her neck connected to shotgun shells. If his heart rate monitor flatlines, then Lynn will die. The story is one of the best of the series. It has deep connections to the characters. Each person is relatable and can be seen from different points of view. It is also well-written, which was not the case with SAW II.

The acting has improved from the first two films as well. Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell give spectacular performances. Both of them connect well. Shawnee's character gets irritating as the film continues, but she plays her part dead on. Tobin Bell delivers each line perfectly.

The budget has also gotten much larger. This means that the visuals and sets have become better. Each trap is more realistic and more gruesome than in the past two films. The blood, props, and wardrobe are all done perfectly. The camera picks up the grittiness that the film is intended to give. The visuals have definitely improved.

SAW lll is definitely one of the better SAW flicks. Everything, from the strong story, to the great characters, to the eye-popping visuals are superb. This movie is not for the faint of heart. There is a full brain surgery shown, which many may find disgusting.. The ending is unpredictable and surprising, as are all of the SAW endings. SAW lll is one of the best of the franchise and is recommended for all horror fans.

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My Rating = Four Stars

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