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SAW ll


Jeff Nelson

SAW ll is a solid horror flick and a good sequel.

SAW ll
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It is once in a decade, or longer, in which a movie on a low budget makes itself into a franchise that will go down in history. This is why the first SAW is lucky to have dedicated fans...a HUGE following. The first SAW gave audiences suspense, atmosphere, and creativity. SAW ll changes the feel of the film, as well as directors. It gives a completely different perspective and pacing. Different does not necessarily mean bad or good, just different.

The plot follows a detective as he finds Jigsaw. He then must play a game to get his son back who has bben snatched. He can watch him on the monitors in the room. On the monitors, there are a bunch of people in a building who must go through the large house and survive the series of traps. The group only has a couple hours before some nerve gas creeps into their system, causing them to die. There are syringes throughout the house and those who inject it into themselves will live. The premise is not as strong as the original's, but still overpowers most of each horror movie's writing.

The acting ranges for different characters. None of the acting shines as an oscar performance, obviously, but is OK. Donnie Wahlberg plays Detective Eric Matthews, Tobin Bell is John Kramer and Shawnee Smith is Amanda. Tobin and Donnie connect in each scene they are in and Donnie brings a very realistic point-of-view. Tobin lends a creepy and ominous presence. He plays his role flawlessly. Shawnee has one or two lines not delivered perfectly, but her performance overall is generally stunning. The acting enhanced a lot of the scenes.

The visuals throughout are pretty good. The weapons are creative and the traps look wonderful on film. The tint of green used in most of the film gives a touch of eerie atmosphere. The only complaint I have is when any of the people in the house threw up blood, it is a strange color. It is a peach and pink color, which I found weird. Otherwise, the visuals are spot on.

SAW ll is a passable sequel. It suffers from the lack of being as emotionally disturbind as the first was. This sequel is more fast paced and main stream. The traps are more elaborate and sets are bigger. There are advantages and disadvantages to this film getting a bigger budget, but it is still an extremely entertaining movie that is memorable. SAW ll is a solid horror flick and a good sequel.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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