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Jeff Nelson

...the worst movie of 2006...

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This film was released in 2006 and is a werewolf movie. Over the past few years, we have been getting one awful werewolf movie after another, and this one follows that trend. I do not know what the studio was thinking releasing this garbage, which did pretty badly in the box office. That alone proves a point not to bother seeing it.

The story is alright to begin with, but acts like it was going somewhere. This plot does not have any surprising twists, a lot of plot holes, and was just terribly written. When an audience goes to see a horror film about werewolves, we hope for a few violent scenes, mystery and some action. We get none of these, which is a huge disappointment.

Acting has never been the horror genre's strong point, but this is dreadful. Direct-to-video horror releases have had better acting than what you see in Skinwalkers. The character's relationships seem very fake and forced. Nobody seemed to grasp the concept and depth of their character. They delivered their lines poorly and just made the movie even worse.

The visuals and make-up are the strong point of the horror genre, and once again, we do not even get that. There is a lot of CGI effects which are all laughable. They seem very misplaced at the wrong moments and needed to be timed better. This factor of the movie seems rushed and looks like not very much effort was put into it.

Overall, it is a bad, lackluster werewolf movie. Don't expect something as good as Ginger Snaps because you will not get anything even close from Skinwalkers. It is the worst movie of 2006 and maybe the worst ever made in the werewolf sub-genre. If you are smart, you will stay far away from this disgrace.

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My Rating = One Half Star

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