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Saving Private Ryan


Jeff Nelson

It's easy to say Saving Private Ryan is a perfect movie.

Saving Private Ryan
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How many films can you honestly say moved you? How many films can you say emotionally disturbed you? There aren't many of them, but Saving Private Ryan is one that will.

Ranger captain and seven men are tasked with getting past German-held territory and bringing a young man home from World War II whose other brothers have been killed in the war. The film consists of a tons of battle scenes, but is an extremely intense film. The concept can be a touchy subject for some, but really gets its viewers to feel emotional. The script is rather powerful and can make any person feel something just through the writing.

The entire cast is easily recognized. There isn't one bad performance in the entire cast and is filled with powerful performances. Just to name a few, the cast consists of Tom hanks, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel, Dennis Farina, and more. Each actor clearly puts in their all into his role. The acting is part of what makes this film so effective.

Saving Private Ryan isn't just a disturbing film in subject, but what's shown on screen, as well. There is plenty of shooting, fighting, stabbing, and blood-spilling. However, it's used tastefully and isn't in the film for no reason. It's using violence and bloodshed to heighten the movie experience and put the viewer in a more tense position.

It's easy to say Saving Private Ryan is a perfect movie. However, it's quite long landing at around three hours. However, there is a lot going on and never becomes boring. There are very few flaws and this is an excellent example of a near-flawless flick. Saving Private Ryan is tremendously recommended for all those who can withstand the impact the film gives.

My Rating = Five Stars

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