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Seven (Se7en)


Jeff Nelson

Seven (Se7en) stands as one of my favorite films of all time and is an absolute must see.

Seven (Se7en)
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Everyone knows of at least one film they can watch a hundred times and the film will never get old. These movies are extremely hard to simply stumble upon. David Fincher has definitely given moviegoers a film that does just that.

Two homicide detectives are on a desperate hunt for a serial killer whose crimes are based on the seven deadly sins. This is a hell of a ride from the moment the film starts to the end. The script is very well written and has perfect pacing. The entire plot flows to give a lot of character development while never becoming dull or dragged out. The ending is shocking and the final few moments of the film affects me the same each time I watch it.

The main two detectives go through a lot of character development and the movie needs actors who can make the transition feel natural and not forced. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are exceptional. Both of them communicate perfectly and are an excellent match. Brad Pitt is breathtaking in the final scene of the film. If you've seen the movie, you'll know what scene I'm talking about. Kevin Spacey is unbelievably creepy in all scenes he's in and nails all of his dialogue. Gwyneth Paltrow isn't on screen very much, but every scene she's in is great. All of the actors are astonishing in their roles.

The look of the film reflects the movie itself. It's dark and gritty throughout. Cinematography is spectacular and each of the "seven sin" deaths look incredible. The set-up is genius and explains each crime to perfection without even showing the actual deaths. Only the aftermaths are shown.

This is an exceedingly brilliant and clever film. A lot of these psychological films have good ideas, but aren't executed well. That clearly isn't the case here. All around, this film is sensational. This film deserved Oscars and more. It's unpredictable, superb, and David Fincher proves that his filmmaking skills are mind-blowing. Seven (Se7en) stands as one of my favorite films of all time and is an absolute must see.

My Rating = Five Stars

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