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Jeff Nelson

Of all the films I have seen recently, this is one of the strangest.

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Every movie that is released is marketed as a specific genre to draw in the fans of it's type of movie. Without this type of marketing, people may be confused exactly what type of movie it is since the name of a film doesn't always give away what the film is. Splice suffers from false marketing as it's not a horror film at all.

A couple who are scientists perform an unorthodox experiment to create a human-animal hybrid, and form a new life and name it "Dren". When the couple sees what they have done, it's already too late. The story is quite unique and does get recognition for that, but is more of a character study. The trailer hints that it's a horror/thriller about a monster created by this couple, but it's actually a detailed character study of the couple and of Dren. The first half of the movie is very well-written and executed perfectly. As the film continues, it loses steam and the screenplay begins to become absolutely ridiculous. The creature may be a science fiction element, but the couple and their relationship is meant to be kept realistic and relatable to the audience. This isn't maintained throughout the running time.

The two main actors are Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. These two perform with perfection. Even with the foolish dialogue later into the film, they pull through. Their connection feels real and never fades. However, Sarah Polley pushes past the rest of the cast. For everything from dialogue to mannerisms to screams she does an unbelievable job as the woman scientist.

Of all the films I have seen recently, this is one of the strangest. There's a good chunk of the beginning of the film that's great and draws the viewer in. Although, that's soon destroyed as it kills everything it set itself up to be. Once cross-species sex and rape hit the screen, it's a bit too much for the film. The ending is a disappointment as well. Splice isn't worth spending a full ticket price to see, but worth a rental if the viewer is aware what he/she is getting themselves into.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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