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Jeff Nelson

...never moves too fast, never gets boring either.

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Movies are coming from every direction now. There are made-for-TV movies. There are wide-release films. There are straight-to-DVD movies and a lot of the best ones are under the radar. Spiral is one of those films that nobody got the chance to appreciate, but is truly a good film.

It is about a man who is insane, but the quiet type who seems harmless since it's not quite clear exactly what's wrong with him. He meets a woman and it is hard to figure out why she continues to talk to him when he's so strange. They begin to fall in love, but there is something behind his cover that nobody is seeing. It is an interesting story and is a well-written movie.

Spiral has a cast of Joel David Moore (Hatchet), Zachary Levi (Chuck), and Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia and The Grudge 2). I easily recognized all three of these actors and they put on a wonderful show for the audience. Joel David Moore pulls off his mysterious, yet eerie, acting skills with flying colors. The cast could not of been picked better, they each have the look for his or her part and are able to interact so well that the relationships look real.

Since this is not considered to be a very popular movie, it does not have a big budget. The filmmakers do what they can with the money they were given and do just fine. There are a lot of nice shots of the city. This is an artistic movie that captures the atmosphere of eerie, yet beautiful, at the same time. The visuals that were caught on film are perfect for this movie.

Overall, Spiral is one of the best thrillers I have seen in a while. It has prickly suspense with amazing pacing. The movie never mioves too fast, never gets boring either. I have seen it three or four times and enjoyed it every time. There is an amazing ending with a surprising shock. Spiral is recommended for everybody to check out.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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