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Jeff Nelson

Splinter is for those who desire to see an interesting thriller that just happens to have a creature.

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It's quite rare to come upon a monster film that is actually decent. Most are horribly written, terribly acted, with atrocious FX. It's a little ironic that Splinter is one to prove that stereotype wrong, as it has such a tiny budget.

Seth Blezer and Polly Watt are kidnapped by an escaped convict and his young accomplice, but must fight for their lives when the four become the prey of a bloodthirsty splinter parasite. Trapped inside an abandoned gas station, the four are forced to band together to make it out alive. The idea itself isn't new, but has elements used that haven't been used in creature features. The dialogue has some off lines, but isn't bad for the most part. The screenplay itself does a good job of providing some genuinely eerie moments.

The kidnappers are the highlight of the film. The two communicate well throughout. However, Seth and Polly don't give the same quality performance as the kidnappers. The relationship between the two seems forced and unrealistic. Polly and Seth rarely show any fear and come across too calm. Other than these four, the cast is incredibly small and there's only two minor characters who perform alright.

One of the most important things about a monster film is for the creature to be creepy to the audience. Splinter really pulls it off. No matter what form the creature is in, it's rather menacing and the transformation itself is absolutely freaky. For such a low budget film, this movie gives the appearance of a much larger budget.

Most monster films are tacky B-movies that are strictly for the fans of those flicks, but Splinter is for those who desire to see an interesting thriller that just happens to have a creature. Splinter has a couple major flaws, but has enough redeeming qualities to recommend it.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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